Forbes Global 500
First-class environmental comprehensive service provider based in China and servin

Forbes Global 500
First-class environmental comprehensive service provider based in China and servin

Besino Environment Ltd.("Besino Environment") is a wholly-owned environmental protection platform of Fosun Group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises,It was formerly the largest water company in Germany, Berlin Water Group, and a Dubai-based industrial wastewater treatment company, Metito Group, a water investment platform established in China (formerly Berlin Water). China Holdings Limited). Since entering China in 1997, Besino Environment Ltd. has grown from a professional investor and technology solution provider in the water sector to a leading domestic integrated environmental governance service provider.


Forbes Global 500,First-class environmental comprehensive service provider based in China and serving the world

  • Industrial wastewater treatment

    Industrial wastewater treatment

    Low temperature distillation

    A multi-stage vacuum distillation process. The wastewater is distributed in millions of droplets in an evaporator. The evaporation process also occurs on the surface of free falling water drops, and the heat exchange efficiency is high ...
  • municipal wastewater treatment

    municipal wastewater treatment

    Aerobic granular sludge

    The settleability of suspended activated sludge is improved;
    The physical selector discharges the poorly settling fraction of the sludge from the system;
    operation conditions (aerobic-anoxic-anaerobic) are adjusted;
  • Sediment and soil treatment

    Sediment and soil treatment

    Particle separation

    Polluted sediments or soil are diluted contaminated sediment or soil, and separate and wash according to the size of the particles into clean fraction and residue; Clean fraction is dewatered and can be recycled.
  • Ozone-ultrasound


    Advanced oxidation technology

    Ozone is injected into wastewater and the mixture is then pumped into a special ultrasound-reactor; Cavitation is induced and hydroxyl radicals (•OH) are formed ;
  • Sludge treatment

    Sludge treatment

    Sludge gasification

    Dried sludge is heated to nearly 850 ° C with a lack of oxygen to convert the organic components in the sludge to syngas while avoiding tar condensates
  • Monitoring and testing

    Monitoring and testing

    haoli tech solution

    Using chip laboratory technology, MEMS sensor technology, 5G edge computing power to develop the next generation of intelligent IoT water quality monitoring nodes


Through the efforts of the next 10 years, we will realize the upgrade and evolution from environmental protection group (pollution control), to environmental group (pollution control + resources), and then to ecological group (pollution control + resources + energy) "Two spaces" (family housing, hospital wards, hotel rooms, office space, transportation space) market demand.